Convert amazon gift card to cash

Wondering how do I convert amazon gift card into cash? No worries because I’m going to show you the perfect way to convert amazon gift card into cash or transfer it into your bank account or PayPal.

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Follow the steps show below in order to convert your amazon gift card into cash.

  • Install and open the amazon app from the store.
  • Create account in case if you don’t have one.
  • After creating an account, link your Bank Account to the amazon.
  • Search for amazon digital gold.
  • An amazon gold vault will open and buy the gold.
  • Enter the price same as the gift card’s price.
  • Once you enter the same price click on buy gold.
  • Now you have bought the amazon digital gold.
  • The buying price and selling price is a bit different in amazon gold even in every trading platform.
  • Now what you can do is, you can just sell your gold off and your selling price will be directly transferred to your bank account linked to your amazon account.
  • It’s your call, if you wanna wait for Gold price to be up in the market and you can sell it off on the higher price or if you just want to sell it as the same price of gift card.
After converting your amazon gif card you can transfer it to PayPal or Paytm easily via bank.